Friday, October 30, 2015

Guild of Honor The RPG Game with Beautiful 3D Graphics

Guild of Honor The RPG Game with Beautiful 3D Graphics , Game developer Has just released a RPG game last week, Seven Knights, Netmarble re-released a mobile game that is no less exciting. This game comes with a large party, according to its title game Guild of Honor, the war between the guild is the main game here. Released globally in 146 countries, you would like to treat the full 3-dimensional and animation quality of this game.

Guild of Honor  tells the story of enmity between the God of Light and God of Darkness are endless since the beginning of human civilization in the world. The beginning of human life was peaceful until the battle resumed on the ground valros. You will begin your journey as a guild leader together with Emperor Empire Arel named Castlotte by choosing one of three legendary warrior, Archer, Knight, and Mage.

In this game, you can find 360 types of soldiers with a variety of different classes. The number of soldiers who are many indeed is one of the main advantages offered by the Guild of Honor. Just imagine, you can make inter-guild battles with the sheer number of 100 players participating simultaneously in one time. Extraordinary! Various features such as increased levels of character development, putting on equipment, and others you can also set in this strategy RPG game.

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