Monday, July 13, 2015

Siegefall Cheat and Hack

Famous manufacturer of mobile games Gameloft recently announced the launch of Siegefall, the latest strategy game that promises to appear with the old gameplay and look quite luxurious. Siegefall game types did not differ with the game strategy with other models of base-building and will rely on the collection two main resource of wood and gold.

Still the same old way - on Siegefall you will be asked to collect resources, build headquarters, build troops, train troops and sent troops to attack the opponent. As usual you still have to build the mine sites, sawmills and agricultural units to gather resource as it is commonly found in a type of strategy game.

The main objective of this game is simple, use your army that is equipped with special equipment to conquer territories around the kingdom. Generic sounds? Indeed. But the game still has a slightly different twist as a reformer. Siegefall Hack in addition to the use of the card will be the main attraction, you also can regulate the movement of combat units your hero and give different commands after the commands given thorough action on all the units during a battle.

With bright colors at once firm and stunning graphics design, not wrong if Siegefall will instantly amaze you who like this kind of war strategy game. For fans of the Clash of Clans, you have one more alternative options if being saturated play your favorite game of it.

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