Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Tribez the Legend Game

The Tribez the Legend Game , The Tribez is a game with the concept of empire-building, build civilizations. First there will be an island to be built and there is only one resident. Furthermore, the "residents" should be collecting food and building materials.

By building a dwelling or house will add to the total population. In addition to building houses, "resident" also have to build buildings for commerce and entertainment, well this is to make money. For producing building materials and foodstuffs production units were to be built. Level of happiness "resident" should be improved to decorate the settlement.

Simulation game to build villages very much variety in mobile apps, ranging from building a village of Smurfs in Smurf Village, rescue the survivors of a plane crash Tiny Farm, and many more. Game Insight International also did not lose, they launched a simulation game called The Tribez.

To achieve a certain level must do "task" that requires time. There are coins and gems to speed up the processing time but is paid. These games are suitable for nge-games at any time in the sense not to be see your smartphone , The Tribez Hack can help you got free diaomond.

In terms of graphics, the game highlights the Tribez good graphic quality, semi-3D has a pretty good detail. But if you want superior quality graphics, this game provides better quality graphics for download. Not only that, the audio quality available in the game The Tribez is also quite good, can accompany us to the gameplay quite a long time.

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